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“SNAP” Jewelry

 This unique SNAP JEWELRY is so much fun!  Here’s how it works:

 1. You first pick the main piece of jewelry:  1) BRACELET (choose a color), or 2) NECKLACE (choose a pendant).

 2. Once you’ve chosen your main piece of jewelry, you will scroll down to the “SNAPS”.  Here’s where you choose which snaps you like, then you just ‘snap’ it onto your main piece of jewelry, and it’s ready for you to wear.

 3. If you want to change your snap to a different color or abstract art, just ‘unsnap’ the existing snap, and ‘snap’ on a new one.

 4. “SNAPS” are so FUN because you can wear your jewelry to match your outfit or your mood.

 5. “SNAPS” are available in sets of 2 snaps per card.  Add as many as you like … HAVE FUN!

“Snap” Bracelets


“SNAP” Necklaces