Snap Bracelet – Blue


This blue leather “snap” bracelet includes two “abstract art” snaps.  These snaps are inter-changeable to match your wardrobe or mood.

Note:  The snap which is displayed in the photo is just a sample and not necessarily the same snap that is included with this bracelet. 

FREE SHIPPIING is included for shipping anywhere within the United States.  For shipping outside of the US, please contact Marlene for a shipping quote.

This blue leather snap bracelet is fun to accessorize with interchangeable "snaps" that you can coordinate to wear matching your clothes or mood. Two snaps are included with each bracelet, and additional snaps are available to purchase as well.  It's so simple to change your snaps ... just unsnap one snap and replace it with a different one.  As a result, you will enjoy several pieces of "wearable art" that your friends and family will admire.

Please Note: Any snaps shown in these images are for example only and may not be the same snaps included with purchase.